Project Brief

Thesis project started as an investigation to find a holistic design system that would focus on the design of seamless interfaces between humans, digital information, and the physical environment.

My Role

User Research, Physical Prototyping, Visual Design and Development.


40 Weeks.

Intended Users

Elderly and their Remote Families.

Initial Direction of Thesis Exploration
Understanding how we use current Input interfaces.

Speculative Explorations of the Space

A video describing the concept.

Narrowing down on a Demographic.

Summarising the goals and motivations of the target audience in a human way to motivate further work.

Discovery Phase

Used methods of Structured Interviews, Brainstorming Exercise and Experience Mapping to discover and define the design problem.


16 weeks

Interactions at Marin Memory Care Facility

Painting the landscape of different stakeholders.

Analog methods to Prototype Quickly

The app not only helps user install and update software but also access learning content from the desktop.

Iterations Phase

Creating Scenarios, Wireframing and Lo-fi Prototyping to explore the various options to bring our ideas to life.


14 weeks

Images of the initial #D printed token used as in the UI.
The physical objects would be used on a conventional iPad with no further physical modifications.

Prototype Evolution

User testing by re-creating the scenario of the event. We tried blocking the sides with the first prototype.
3D printed objects with conductive plastic and softer edges for ease of use.
Updated UI elements with a Virtual Pet - FIDGEE.

Building the Character

Creation Phase

Created Hi-fidelity prototypes and Visual Design assets using software like Sketch and Invision to create shareable assets.


10 weeks

High-Fidelity Wireframes

A video to communicate the power of Fidgee through a particular Use Case.