Project Brief

To design an app for construction company partners to better manage their changing catalog of properties on the go and have the end customers updated about the property they are interested in.

My Role

Interaction Designer - Information Architecture, Prototyping and Visual Design

Intended Users

End Users who are buying a Property and the Property Agents making the sale.


Construction enterprises use a major part of their marketing budget on one time use printed brochure. This not only leaves a considerable amount of waste paper, it also needs constant investment to print new brochures for publicity. This need has been captured and solved using technology provided by our team at


To build a product which would replace a physical object is always challenging because of the nostalgia that object carries over the years of its presence. We had conducted various surveys from OS to mobile device sizes being used in the construction ecosystem, from project briefs to advertising revenue earned from print brochures and from age group of home buyers to city based preferences.


The product was to be flexible enough to cater to different construction companies. This product was to a framework which would be edited by the construction companies for their own preferences and requirements. This product was developed to pitch this idea to different construction companies at the end of our time line.

Discovery Phase

Used methods of Structured Interviews, Brainstorming Exercise and User Flows to discover and map out the design problem.

Teammates Involved

UX Design Manager


Sketching out the ecosystem. Finding the key points of interaction.

Iterations Phase

Creating Wireframing and Interaction patterns to explore the various options to bring our ideas to life.

Teammates Involved

UX Design Manager and Product Manager.

User Work-Flows

Making preliminary mock-ups.


Marking out the interactions for initial assessment.

Creation Phase

Created Hi-fidelity prototypes and Visual Design assets using software like Photoshop and Invision to create shareable assets.

Teammates Involved

UX Design Manager, iOS Developer and Android Developer

Interactive mock-up of the Broker end of the application.

Visual Representation

Addressing the other side of the coin with a more reasonable form-factor.

Project Impact

The app was a huge success for our company to use it's design talent to solve a problem for construction companies, who we work closely with. This opened up a new business possibilty for the company to work outside our website and cater to the complete real-estate eco-system.

  • To understand a new group of users, reality agents, we were designing for.
  • To frequently test our concepts with construction company stakeholders.
  • Designing for both iOS and Android.
  • Creating a consistent information architecture that can be inputed and updated with ease.
  • The power of user research and how it can reveal new areas of design during the process
  • Working with the developers and provide with designed comps for them to pick up assets and develop on a fast pace.
  • Understood the value of scallable design by looking at different form factors.